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At Quality Pools and Spas, we can do custom season Openings/Startups as well as Closings and Winterizations. Here is a price list of standard rates. NOTE: Some rates are a quote ONLY, Contact us today for an acurate rate.

Commercial and Residential Pools up to 20' x 40' - Pools over 20'x40', we cannt quote over the phone. A Representative will need to physically view.

Pool openings - Removal and storing of winter cover, interior vacuum and brush, Refill and balance chemicals, Assemble deck and circulation equipment, Prime and start System. Price: $300.00 + $80/hr (1man) or $120/hr (2man). Drain and acid wash if needed, additional $4,000 + materials.

Pool maintenance - Vacuum and/or brush as necessary, skim surface and scrub tile line as necessary, Test water chemistry and maintain to N.S.P.I. Standards, Backwash filter and clean out all strainer baskets. Weekly Cost below.

  • Residential Pool -
    • $80.00 - 1 Service per week
    • $90.00 - 1 Service every other week
  • Residential Spa -
    • $55.00 - 1 Service every other week
  • Commercial Pool -
    • $140 - 2 Services per week
    • $165 - 3 Services per week
  • Commercial Spa -
    • $110.00 - 2 Services per week
    • $150.00 - 3 Services per week
  • Pool & Spa Service -
    • $180 - 3 Services per week

Pool Closings - Lower water level to below wall returns, Blow all water out of plumbing system and install winter plugs, Drain and winterize circulation equipment, Refill pool to 12" - 18" below deck, Add winter chemicals, Install winter cover. Cost: $250 + $80/hr (1man) or $112.50/hr (2man)

NOTE: These prices are a QUOTE ONLY and DO NOT include chemicals. Chemicals/Supplies supplied by Quality Pools at standard retail rate. All chemicals to be top quality Omni brand or equilivent. prices are an ESTIMATE depending on pool condition, unforseen problems and location. Some pools may need to be physically inspected for an exact price. Contact us for pricing and availability.

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